Ayurvedic Therapy for the Psyche

Finding Your Way out of Emotional Gridlock

Do you ever get that feeling you’re your own worst enemy? At a dead end with no escape? With the loss of our dreams, energy wanes. Noise, stress, frantic activity, bright lights … assailed by a constant stream of stimuli, we face an almost unlimited choice of options and temptations – be it at the shops, in education or in any other aspect of our lives. At the Mandira Resort, we revitalise your spirit with a special Ayurvedic therapy: the ESQ method shows you the way out of an emotional impasse.

Our fast-paced, hectic and complex world presents us with an unmanageable mountain of opportunities, expectations and burdens. There are times when we simply can’t see the wood for the trees; we lose sight of our path and fall by the wayside. To avoid getting lost on the path of life we need self-knowledge. Through Ayurvedic therapy, we can uncover this knowledge. This is because only with self-awareness can we build stability and resilience.

Ayurvedic Therapy for the Psyche

Know Yourself!

Losing focus in life often means a parallel loss of energy. However, we don’t have to generate new energy, we can simply transform what’s already there: energy follows our attention. With a vision in mind, a dream or objective, we can easily stay ‘on the ball’. An excess of Vata can often block our access to energy.

There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • Negative belief systems

  • Misunderstandings

  • Fear …

All these inhibit our energy flow, rob us of vision and lead to gridlock. The sooner we locate and dissolve these barriers using Ayurvedic therapy, the sooner we can restore our energy flow. We regain the courage to dream and to follow our dreams.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira - The Path Towards Life’s Light
The Path Towards Life’s Light

The ESQ method helps us to recognise inner blockages, to become aware of where we stand and – most importantly – of the ways in which we obstruct ourselves. During Ayurvedic therapy, we use self-reflection methods and kinesiological muscle tests to highlight the beliefs, fears and conflicts that block us. Awareness is the first step towards transformation. The process is reinforced with a range of exercises and coachings which enable new beliefs and visions to manifest themselves.

ESQ in Holistic Ayurveda

Ayurvedic therapies and treatment programmes deal with spiritual and emotional health as well as physical wellbeing. The psychological aspect is essential in our western world, where we are seeing a huge surge of psychosomatic and mental illnesses that often have their roots in childhood. Depending on the results of your initial consultation and diagnostic tests, ESQ is used to support your detox, Panchakarma or anti-stress burnout treatment programme. Only holistically can cleansing resolve blockages and clear the way for new beginnings.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira - ESQ in Holistic Ayurveda