Cycling holidays in Styria at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira
Cycling holidays in Styria at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira



As well as providing a splendid home base , the Ayurveda Resort Mandira offers an ideal starting point for cycle rides of every kind. If you haven’t been on a Styrian cycling holiday before, you have a great deal to look forward to! The resort has everything you need: from trekking bikes and city bikes to e-bikes, not forgetting cycling helmets and maps! Discover our thermal region and volcanic hillsides by bike – and wave goodbye to stress and troubles. The 320km network of trails provides challenges and variety, and is a plentiful source of endorphins.

Radfahren und Thermenwellness in der Steiermark im European Ayurveda Resort Mandira


We believe that everyone is a unique work of nature and, as Ayurveda specialists, we know that exercise is where it’s at, keeping us healthy and happy. That’s why Exercise and Regeneration is one of the essential pillars of our balanced programme for physical, mental and emotional fitness. Cycling is an ideal way to explore the region’s green hills, vineyards, villages and towns, allowing plenty of possibilities for discovering the local wine taverns, crafts and people. Progress in the clean air and unspoilt nature is swift and, tired and happy after an excellent ride out, holistic restoration awaits at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira in Styria where you’ll feel like a celebrated Tour de France cycling pro!


One of the most difficult things about a cycling holiday is working out the best route to take. You need to take into account the weather, your fitness level, how you feel on a particular day and your personal objectives. Are you aiming to get as many high-altitude miles under your belt as possible, or are you after thrills and adventure? Alternatively, a chilled dawdle on two wheels may be more your cup of tea.

Staying at the Mandira gives you a head start as you can start your cycle ride from our doorstep and, as we know the area inside and out, we can suggest rides that tick your boxes, whether by e-bike, city bike, mountain bike or road bike. We’re here to help you explore!

From fun to challenging!

R34 Leitersdorf Cycle Trail

Route: 17.1km, time: 1h 30m, elevation gain/loss: 150m

This easy ride offers plenty of variety and immerses you in lush and pristine countryside: enjoy the sight of apple orchards, vineyards and fields of pumpkins, and feel the abundant greenery, space and tranquillity take their effect on you. Cycle past the Bad Waltersdorf thermal spa, as well as the Taler and Heurigen Kinelly wine taverns. Make sure you make pit stops along the way: they’re worth it.

R35 Hartberg Cycle Trail

Route: 31.9km, time: 3h, elevation gain/loss: 150m

A moderate ride with a bit of a climb in the first third of the route challenges you to defeat your inner couch potato. Once you’ve made it, you can congratulate yourself on being in the thick of your sports holiday. We promise pleasures galore during the second half as you practically fly across the landscape in the heart of the thermal spa region. Reward yourself with a sweet interlude at the Konditorei Zukalatom where delicious cakes and the famous Zotter chocolates await, or with a home-made apple strudel at the Strudelhof in Bad Waltersdorf. Tip: Pay charming Hartberg a sightseeing visit: quaint and pretty, it’s one of a kind and boasts a colourful town square – one of the 17 designated ‘Small Historic Towns of Austria’.

R57 Pöllau Cycle Trail

Route: 44.1km, time: 3h 15m, elevation gain: 651m, elevation loss: 843m

A beautiful but more demanding cycle path leads you along a well-signposted route with actively challenging climbs from Birkfeld and over the top of the Gschaid pass to Pöllau. From there, you cycle through the Pöllau Valley nature park, known as the garden of Austria with its dark green forests, vast fields and many orchards. From here, you coast down to Hartberg’s historic centre. Justifiably satisfied with your mileage, you can now take a seat at a terrace café and enjoy a cool drink in the sunshine.

R33 Harter Teich Cycle Trail

Route: 26km with both gentle and more challenging hills

Attention nature lovers and romantics! This easy to moderate cycle ride through the hilly landscape in and around Bad Waltersdorf is a treat for both eyes and soul. We recommend a stop at the Harter Teich lake for a spot of wildlife watching as this circular route leads around the wetland and bird sanctuary. There are plenty of tranquil rest areas where you can stop for a relaxing picnic.

Discover the thermal spa region

Two Rivers Tour

Route: 48.8km, time: 5h, elevation gain: 282m, elevation loss: 427m

Discover South and Western Styria. Starting at Eibiswald (approx. one hour’s drive from Bad Waltersdorf), the Two Rivers Tour takes you to the Schilcherland, a wine-growing region famous for a Styrian rosé wine made from the Blauer Wildbacher grape. Tip: Visit the Kremsner oil mill and pumpkin seed oil museum, and spend a few enjoyable hours in the Keltenberg wine-growing region. Experience a landscape full of contrasts and collect countless impressions as you follow the natural meander of beautiful rivers and streams.

Sausal Tour

Route: 56.4km, time: 4h 30m, elevation gain: 267m, elevation loss: 572m

This moderately challenging ride offers a steep climb at the halfway point. It leads you into the Sausal, the hill country between the rivers Sulm and Lassnitz, past the Styrian Wine Museum in Kitzeck and by the world’s largest wind wheel used by the local winegrowers scare the birds off their ripe grapes. All your hard work is amply rewarded by the glorious panoramic views of simply breathtaking countryside.

Up your mileage!

Bad Waltersdorf – Fürstenfeld – Bad Waltersdorf

Route: 47.1km, elevation gain/loss: 370m

Ride along quiet cycle paths in Altenmarkt bei Fürstenfeld and enjoy the challenging climbs and descents along the first 15km. If you’re in good shape, the rest is a breeze as your bike practically rides itself until the final hill before you get back to Bad Waltersdorf. Brilliant for training strength, endurance and your breathing technique.

St Anna am Masenberg Circular Route

Route: 82.2km, elevation gain/loss: 1,072m

This decidedly challenging circular route gives you plenty of mileage and altitude gain. The Gothic church of St Anna is a rare gem in that, unlike so many churches in Austria, it was spared baroquisation. You’ll find it at around the halfway mark. There’s a challenging hill to overcome between kilometres 14 and 23, and a less onerous one at kilometre 37. The rest of this ride is varied and hilly: perfect for endurance and interval training.

Radfahren in Bad Waltersdorf
Radurlaub in der Steiermark im European Ayurveda Resort Mandira


Presumably, you chose Styria as your cycling holiday destination because the region is synonymous with the delights of the plate and the glass. You were right to do so: Styrians are jovial people who like nothing better than a chat with friends over a glass of wine and a delicious snack at their favourite winemaker’s tavern.

Glatz Winery Circular Route

Route: 17.5km, time: 1h 15m, elevation gain/loss: 180m

A short, moderately challenging ride with a stop for refreshments at the Glatz winery: a treat for devotees of high-quality Pinot Gris. The winery’s rustic on-site shop stocks regional goodies, including pumpkin seed specialities, jams, vinegars, honey, schnapps, liqueurs and handicrafts.

Blumau and the 1,000-Year-Old Oak

Route: 29.9km, time: 2h 10m, elevation gain/loss: 310m

This moderate ride includes a few uphill challenges and takes you past a very special landmark at around halfway: a 30m tall, 1,000-year-old oak with a 2.50m diameter trunk. It takes seven adults holding hands to embrace it. You will have reached your main destination before that: the Rogner Bad Blumau, a large complex designed by the famous Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser as part of his endeavours to harmonise humankind, architecture and nature.

R12 Styrian Spa Cycle Trail

Route: 148.9km, time: 12h, elevation gain: 970m, elevation loss: 1,691m

A veritable spa and cycling marathon, this trail leads from the Hochwechsel mountain to the Slovenian border, and past the Styrian thermal spa towns of Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Gleichenberg, Loipersdorf, Blumau and Bad Radkersburg. The highest point is at an altitude of almost 1,000m, and you’ll find the climbs range from mostly easy to a few that are more challenging. The short, 7km section from Bad Waltersdorf to Burgau takes you to Burgau Castle.

Lucullus Tour

Route: 12.6km, elevation gain: 176m

Named after the Roman senator known for his wealth and sumptuous banquets, this cycle ride takes you past vineyards, orchards, taverns, inns and Bad Waltersdorf’s thermal spa. A short and easy tour with an opportunity to find out more about the Romans in Eastern Styria.

Foodie Tour

Route: 20.9km, time: 2h, elevation gain: 172m

This ride poses moderate challenges and takes you past the octagonal, wooden lookout tower in Auffen, which symbolises respect for nature and its laws. You’ll find plenty of variety en route, from home-made honey at the Janisch apiary and Styrian pumpkin seed oil at the Piwetz mill, to the traditional Harter Teichschenke restaurant and a 50,000sqm ostrich park: enjoy!

Labonca Biohof Tour

Route: 34km, time: 2h 30m, elevation gain/loss 450m

You need to be in good shape for this hilly and challenging ride. One of the highlights along the way is a visit to the special pigs at the Labonca organic farm. Their farm shop stocks a wonderful array of organic delights, and we recommend a picnic in the garden where you can watch the piglets at play!


  • Do your cycling holiday planning together to ensure all decisions have been discussed and agreed by everyone, and everyone has been able to add their input.
  • Choose a manageable route that suits everyone’s fitness levels to avoid conflict.
  • Treat yourselves to really enjoyable stops in rustic restaurants and wine tavern: spending quality time together is so very precious!
  • Incorporate special experiences such as picnics, a swim in a lake, a museum visit …
  • Make sure to add regional handicrafts and the area’s top sights into your programme.
  • Visit winemakers, oil mills and farms for a taste of fresh, regional products – so delicious!
  • If energy levels permit, enjoy some evening entertainment at events, festivals and local bicycle races.
Radfahren in Bad Waltersdorf - European Ayurveda Resort Mandira


Your cycling holiday package in Styria includes:
  • Free bike rental: City bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes available at the hotel – e-bikes and racing bikes for a fee
  • Free bike helmet rental: At the hotel
  • Free cycling map: Get your cycling map of Bad Waltersdorf and surroundings from reception – online overview of tours in the region
  • Route planning: We know our region well and are always happy to help with route planning
  • First aid kits: Because you never know!
  • Regeneration at the Ayurveda Wellness and Thermal Spa

Tip: Book a muscle-regenerating treatment and feel fit for the saddle in the morning!

  • Healthy: Fresh, regional and Ayurvedic, our cuisine helps your body regenerate, invigorate and re-energise.
  • Our activity and relaxation programme to build stamina, relax tense muscles and find balance.

TOP TIP for e-bikers: You’ll find eight e-bike charging stations and 10 service stations in Bad Waltersdorf.

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