European Ayurveda Resort Mandira Hotel in Bad Waltersdorf Steiermark Österreich
European Ayurveda Resort Mandira Hotel in Bad Waltersdorf Steiermark Österreich


Regionality is Key to Healthy Eating & Living

‘Wherever you are, be there totally.’

Eckhart Tolle

As Holistic Ayurveda practitioners, regional produce will always be our preferred choice. Here at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira, we strongly believe that the healthiest food available is that which is grown in the soil on which we were raised. This is why the Mandira’s cuisine deliberately focuses on ingredients sourced from local farms and suppliers.

Introducing Our Local Partners

We pay very close attention to both the quality and the provenance of the regional produce that goes into the delicious dishes we create for you. After all, whatever we put into our bodies will have an effect on us.

Many of our suppliers are based locally, ensuring that fresh and nutritious, regional produce ends up on your plate.

They provide us with …

  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Honey
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Fruit
Regionale Produkte Ayurveda Ernährung & Lebensfreude Küche

Langs Family Farm

Nestled in Styria’s beautiful thermal spa region, Langs family farm and shop in Leitersdorfberg sells wholesome bread, freshly baked in their wood-fired oven, as well as luscious honey and traditionally produced pumpkin seed oil. The farm is also well known for fresh fruit, grown in the orchard, and processed into vinegars, brandies, cider and juices.

Did you know

… that apples are Austria’s most popular fruit? As the proverb goes, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

Thaller Dairy Farm

The Thaller farm has been producing high-quality dairy products for generations. Freshness, hygiene and regular product quality inspections are the order of the day. Their 65 cows and 50 head of young stock can graze outside and are provided with high-quality fodder ranging from lush meadow grass to grain and maize grown on the farm. The production process of their milk, cheeses and yoghurts is completely transparent and avoids artificial flavours, preservatives and flavour enhancers … you can definitely taste the difference!

Did you know

… that milk is classed as food rather than a drink as it’s packed with nutrients? Although milk is 87% water, the remaining 13% contains healthy protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Regionale Produkte Ayurveda Ernährung & Lebensfreude Küche
Regionale Produkte Ayurveda Ernährung & Lebensfreude Küche

Adolf Mild Bakery

Founded in 1989 in Riegersdorf by Adolf and Maria Mild, this family-run business’ 20 employees make a wide selection of freshly baked breads, biscuits, brioches and Danish pastries. Their ingredients are sourced locally and are free of chemicals and flavour enhancers. The next generation of the Mild family is already playing an active role in the business. They also have branches in Fürstenfeld and Ilz, and are always happy to fulfil their customers’ special requests.

Did you know

… that people have been eating porridge made from cereal grains for at least 30,000 years, and that we’ve been baking for around 22,000 of those years? Cereal cultivation was also a decisive factor in the establishment of human settlements.

Kurz Family Honey Farm

Bad Waltersdorf definitely is buzzing – thanks to their around 300 bee colonies – the Kurz family produces a wide range of honey and honey products. Their assortment includes classics such as blossom or forest honey, as well as chestnut honey and rapeseed honey. They don’t stop there, though – they also make propolis products such as propolis drops, creams, propolis-infused honey, royal jelly, and beeswax candles. All these are available from the farm shop.

Did you know

… that, during their short lives, which last a maximum of 60 days, bees have to travel a good 120,000km to produce just 500g of honey? Honey is more than just a foodstuff, though – thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is now used for a range of medical purposes including wound healing.
Ayurveda Resort Mandira Styria - Regionale Produkte
Regionale Produkte Ayurveda Ernährung & Lebensfreude Küche

Uitz Eggs

Uitz, a family-run business, has been an integral part of the village of Buch for almost 40 years. They supply numerous customers throughout the thermal spa region with eggs from hens that have been exclusively reared in Austria. Their feed consists of home-grown maize, wheat, soya and sunflowers. Quarterly salmonella tests and regular quality control checks by the inspection body for species-appropriate livestock farming underline the company’s dedication to safety. Since 2014, the farm has relied on solar energy to produce sustainable electricity for its modern chicken coops. What’s more, the machinery and equipment are fuelled with their own sunflower oil biodiesel.

Did you know

… that Central Europeans eat about 218 eggs per capita every year? And for good reason! One egg provides a third of our daily vitamin D requirement and also boasts an impressive protein content.

Radl Farm

Food quality and the environmental impact of cultivation are paramount considerations at the Radl farm in beautiful Grosshart. This and the delicious regional specialities they produce were not the only reason for being awarded the AMA seal of quality. Their farm shop sells genuine Styrian pumpkin seed oil, a range of syrups, chutneys, juices and herbal products as well as seasonal vegetables. They also make their own alpaca wool products from the farm’s own alpaca herd.

Did you know

… that traditional, Central European pumpkin seed oil is made from the Styrian oil pumpkin? This specific variety evolved from a mutation that bears an above-average number of hull-less seeds, which makes it easier to process the seeds into oil.
Regionale Produkte Ayurveda Ernährung & Lebensfreude Küche
Regionale Produkte Ayurveda Ernährung & Lebensfreude Küche

Günther’s Fish Farm

Günther’s fish farm in Eltendorf, not far from Bad Waltersdorf, is where fresh fish is reared in an environmentally friendly way. The 12-hectare property houses eight fish ponds, with a total water surface of 5 hectares, containing catfish, trout, carp, Arctic char (only in winter) and salmon trout. As well as supplying restaurants and hotels, Günther’s fish farm also has 12 spots dotted around the facility for anglers to hone their fishing skills on a catch and release basis.

Did you know

… that consuming fish can reduce the risk of lipid metabolic disorders, heart attacks and strokes? Fish not only improves blood lipid levels, it also supports circulation and lowers blood pressure.


When it comes to meat, animal welfare and food miles are as important as for any other product. Founded in 1931 by Franz Zotter, this traditional family business has evolved over the decades and, true to its motto of ‘from pasture to plate’, has become an Austria-wide specialist in high-quality veal and beef production. Success is achieved by ensuring short transport routes and complying with the highest standards of hygiene, storage, packaging and delivery.

Did you know

… that our Joie de Vivre full board includes sustainably produced meat dishes and Styrian specialities?
Regionale Produkte Lebensfreude Küche


joie de vivre


Regional, healthy, balanced

Eating is a delight, a luscious slice of energy, vitality and zest for life!

  • Generous breakfast buffet serving fresh, regional fare, and an organic juice, herb and vegetable bar.
  • Light buffet lunch and fruit for dessert.
  • Something sweet in the afternoon.
  • 4-course dinner with a choice of three main dishes, plus salad and cheese buffet.
Mandira Ahara


with regional products

Four nutritional levels to suit a specific Ayurveda or spa treatment programme for optimal health results:

  • Mandira-Ayurveda – delicious Ayurvedic nutrition

  • Rasa & Yana – Ayurvedic replenishment and rejuvenation

  • Ayur-Detox – detoxifying and purifying nutrition

  • Panchakarma Diet – holistic detoxification

Photo Credit: TVB Bad Waltersdorf/Mia’s Photoart,,, Michael Huber