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Ayurvedic wellness at the Mandira spa

Dive into the world of Ayurveda…

The term wellness entered the English language in 1654, in a diary entry by Sir Archibald Johnson, Lord Wariston, who blessed God for his ‘daughter’s wealnesse.’ The Collins English Dictionary defines wellness as ‘the state of being in good physical and mental health’. Since 1950, it has been the guiding principle of the modern health movement, which originated in the USA. However, wellness is now used somewhat liberally for all kinds of commercial goods and services, despite being originally based solely on a holistic approach to the promotion of health and wellbeing.

…and immerse yourself in the Styrian wellness region of thermal springs

Holistic wellbeing is at the forefront of Ayurvedic wellness. The equilibrium of vital energies (the Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas) is the key to health. Only when body, mind and spirit are in balance can we regenerate and maintain long-term health. Our European Ayurveda® concept tailors Ayurveda to the needs of the western world with Ayurvedic, conventional and alternative medicine treatments, nutrition, diagnostics, Yoga, meditation, exercise, regeneration and spirit healing. Our range of services is supported by Ayurvedic wellness experiences in our Ayurveda Spa.

Regenerate in our 1,760sqm Ayurveda Spa

  • Celtic Lautrum sauna 90°C

  • Styrian herbal sauna 65°C

  • Minerals steam room 45°C

  • Saline sauna 75°C

  • Infrared sauna

  • Ice grotto
  • Buddha’s Place relaxation room
  • Ganesha’s Spirit relaxation room
  • Comfortable relaxation areas throughout the bathing and sauna area

Enjoy Ganesha’s Garden with its teahouse and covered lounger areas!

The core of Ayurvedic wellness and therapy is made up of the treatments administered by professional therapists and Ayurvedic physicians.