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Holistic Ayurveda applies the power of ancient teachings to meet your specific needs.

Ihr authentisches Ayurveda Hotel in Bad Waltersdorf

Holistic Ayurveda & Wellbeing

At the Ayurvedic Hotel Mandira in Styria

A haven of peace and relaxation awaits in Bad Waltersdorf, a small municipality in Styria’s hill country – the Ayurveda Resort Mandira. This is where we combine thousands of years of Indian wisdom with conventional and complementary medicine, and where the colours and zest of the Indian subcontinent meet international art, noble Mediterranean woods, and Styria’s traditional hospitality. We unite the restorative properties of our thermal waters with the harmonising effects of Yoga while gently boosting your vitality and energy with fresh and delicious Styrian cuisine and Ayurvedic nutrition.

Christina Mauracher, Andreas Drexler
and the Holistic Ayurveda team!

gesund durchatmen
gesund durchatmen
For the Love of Life

Why Holistic Ayurveda in Bad Waltersdorf?

From nutrition to treatment, Ayurveda works best in a familiar location, a place where we feel at home. Accordingly, Holistic Ayurveda makes the traditional Indian healing art individually accessible to meet the needs of the western world. We combine ancient European knowledge with Ayurvedic philosophy – complementary and conventional medicine with Ayurvedic medicine. At our Ayurvedic hotel in Styria, we have developed concepts, recipes and treatments tailored to meet our society’s needs and challenges: holistically and sustainably.
A Greater Awareness
  • Profound purification and toxin removal
  • A stronger immune system and improved resilience
  • Supportive of lifestyle changes
  • Relief for metabolic disorders
  • Weight loss
  • Stress management and burnout prevention
  • Improved mobility and prevention of rheumatic complaints
  • Treatment of joint and back problems
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Gender-specific treatments and offers
  • Skin tightening and detoxification

Holistic Ayurveda, Detox, Health, Yoga, Mind and More


Treatment Pros

Panchakarma is the queen of Ayurvedic treatment programmes and is used preventively as well as regeneratively. Provides a profound detox, boosting the immune system, and more.


Health Devotees

Holistic Ayurveda’s combination of ancient teachings with personalised nutrition, exercise and mental health solutions offers sustainable prevention.


Curious About Ayurveda?

Enjoy an introduction to the world of Ayurveda. Find all the inspiration you need for a new, healthy and balanced lifestyle which could even turn into a passion.


Detox Fans

Free yourself of internal and external burdens, lose excess fat, shed toxins, and achieve optimal balance for body, mind and spirit with a Holistic Ayurveda Detox.

Healthy weight loss

Healthy Weight Loss

When weight is a problem, it is not just a physical issue. Psychological and emotional aspects also have a major role to play.



Acquire a more profound understanding of yourself. Nourish your energy. Harmonise body, mind and spirit through breath and postures. Maintain a flexible body and mind.

Last-minute availability

Holistic Solutions

Treating Illness with Ayurveda

from €2,439
Profound purification with Panchakarma

7, 14 or 21 nights incl. treatment programme

from €2,513
Early Bird Bonus for 2024!

Book a 7+ day solution programme, 90 days in advance and get the early bird bonus – 10% discount on room rates until 20.12.2024!

10% discount
Holistic Ayurveda light Detox

Healthy weight loss and weight control. 7 nights, 6 treatment days including consultation, concluding review, nutritional consultation and Ayurvedic treatments

Fountain of youth rejuvenation week

This bespoke treatment programme benefits health, boosts the immune and nervous systems, promotes physical strength and regularises digestion. Minimum stay: 7 nights

February to June

June to October

October to February

The Doshas

Ayurvedic philosophy is based on the Doshas, the three vital energies that are present in all human beings. We distinguish between three basic constitutional types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha, but most of us are a mixture of them all. Pulse diagnosis and a thorough consultation are precursors to determining a person’s Dosha composition.

The Doshas and the Year’s Cycle

Ayurveda ascribes a significant role to our circadian rhythms since they influence Dosha balance and thus have a direct effect on wellbeing. In Ayurvedic teachings, the seasons are grouped into cycles.

Spring = KAPHA │ Summer & Early Autumn = PITTA │ Late Autumn & Winter = VATA.


Health Competence

Health Med
Healthy Synergy

A holistic approach requires us to think outside the box. Accordingly, Holistic Ayurveda combines classic Ayurvedic teachings with modern conventional medicine and complementary therapies under the direction of Dr Alexandra Koller.

Holistic Medical Expertise

Our Ayurveda specialist Akhil Balachandran is a qualified Ayurvedic physician: Indian Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery, BAMS; Yoga instructor.

Lavender Library

Lavender Library

Withdraw, inhale, and enjoy

Art Lounge

Art Lounge

A place of art, inspiration and relaxation

Mandira Restaurants

Mandira Restaurants

Light and joyful delights and ambience.

Bar & Lounge Mandira

Bar & Lounge Mandira

Designed for gatherings.

Sun Terrace

Sun Terrace

Become one with the rolling hills.

Ganesha’s Ayurveda Garden

Ganesha’s Ayurveda Garden

Experience the power and energy of the 5 elements.

Mandira Resort

Mandira Resort

A dreamy idyll. The trees whisper your mantra.

Ayurveda Gym

Ayurveda Gym

Exercise for health and beauty.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Come to rest in yourself.

Ayurveda Wellness

Ayurveda Wellness

Rebalance your life energies holistically.

Thermal Spa

Thermal Spa

Thermal spa water: Styrian fountain of youth.

Eight pillars

Consultation and Treatment

Ayurvedic medicine and Panchakarma.

Konsultation & Behandlung

Health Med

Classic and holistic medicine in synergy.

Health MED

Healing Spirit

Holistic screening, coaching and kinesiology.

Healing Spirit

Yoga and Meditation

Body, mind and spirit in balance.

Yoga & Meditation

Prevention and Regeneration

Special techniques and energy work.

Prävention & Regeneration

Mandira Ahara

Ayurvedic nutrition & Styrian joie de vivre.

Mandira Ahara

Exercise and Regeneration

Fit, healthy and happy.

Sport & Bewegung

Skin Solutions

Natural beauty and anti-ageing.

Skin Solutions
Easy Travel

Easy Travel

NEW: Complimentary transfer from Graz and Vienna Airports to the Ayurveda Resort Mandira

VIP tip: Arrive in style in Mercedes S-Class (surcharge)

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