Data Protection and privacy

The protection of your personal data is of particular concern to us. We therefore process your data exclusively on the basis of the legal provisions (GDPR, TKG 2003). In this privacy policy, we inform you about the most important aspects of data processing within our website.

Your Rights

You generally have the rights to information, rectification, deletion, restriction, data portability, withdrawal, and objection. If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or your data protection rights have otherwise been violated in any way, you can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. In Austria, this is the Data Protection Authority.

Contact Options

If you contact us via form on the website, telephone, or email, your provided data will be stored for the purpose of processing the request and in case of follow-up questions. We will not share this data without your consent.

Information on the Use of Cookies

This website uses cookie technology. Based on your browser settings, certain information is collected. This is automatically transmitted by your browser using a cookie to the website operator when you visit the website. This information typically includes the IP address assigned to your computer, the type of operating system, and the installed browser type.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored by a web server on the hard drive of your computer. A distinction is made between "session cookies" and "permanent cookies".

Session Cookies:

A session cookie is created every time you visit this website. It contains a randomly generated, unique identifier assigned to your computer. The validity of a session cookie expires automatically when you close the browser. Session cookies are used to support the functionality of the website and to learn more about your use of the website, such as which pages you visit, which links you use, and how long you stay on each page.

Permanent Cookies:

Where permitted, permanent cookies are used. These cookies do not expire when you close your browser but remain on your hard drive until they expire after a specified period or are deleted by you. Each time you visit this website, the web server recognizes the permanent cookie stored on your computer's hard drive. By assigning such a permanent, unique identifier to your computer, preferred settings and your usage can be saved in a database. It also allows determining how frequently you visit the website, how your usage patterns change, and how effective the website's advertising activities are. These data do not contain any personal data but only actions performed with your computer.

If you access the website via an email sent to you or create a "user identity" during one of your visits, the information provided by the website or third-party cookies may be linked to information in the website provider's records that may be inferred to identify you.

Consent to the Use of Cookies:

Your prior consent is not required for session cookies as they are necessary for the operation of the website and expire once you leave the website. The use of permanent cookies that store your preferred settings and usage patterns, but are not necessarily required for the functionality of the website, requires your prior consent. By using the website, you agree to the use of permanent cookies unless you prevent the installation of these cookies by changing your computer settings. This also applies to third-party cookies.

Web Beacons:

The website may contain pixel graphics called "web beacons," "single-pixel GIFs," or "clear GIFs." Third parties may use web beacons to learn more about the behavior of website visitors and measure the effectiveness of advertising activities. Web beacons can also be used in advertising emails to determine if they are opened and trigger user activity. Information obtained in web beacons is linked to your personal data only with your prior consent. By clicking on a link in advertising emails sent to you with your consent, you agree to the use of web beacons unless you prevent the installation of these web beacons by changing your computer settings.

Cookies Currently Used on the Website:

(current state of our cookie usage, their purpose, their impact on privacy, and their permanence):

Session ID:

The web server may create session cookies necessary for the use of certain interactive elements of the website (e.g., contact forms or login). The cookie contains a session ID that distinguishes your visit to our website from those of other visitors using the website at the same time. Session cookies are considered necessary for the use of the website and do not require your consent.


The website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics sets several first-party cookies to ensure that each subsequent visit to the website can be attributed to the same (unique) visitor. It also allows determining how you found the page.

Website Navigation:

The content management tool creates several first-party cookies. These are session cookies that are deleted when you close your browser. These cookies enable the proper functioning of our website. These data are aggregated and cannot be attributed to any person.

Reports are created in aggregated form based on the data collected using these first-party cookies, providing insights into how visitors find and use the website. These insights are used to update and improve the website.

Third-Party Cookies:

Third-party cookies are cookies created by partners. If these partners are allowed to embed a cookie on a page of the website, the website provider will inform you of the policies and explain that collecting information using such cookies requires the visitor's consent. You can refuse this consent by changing your computer settings.

Cookies from advertising partners and external content from third-party providers are used on the website. These are cookies that belong to the third-party domain and can only be displayed and managed by the third party. These third parties include, among others, Facebook and Twitter, whose cookie policies you can view on the respective websites. The Google Maps tool and the Facebook "Like" plugin are also used. The data protection regulations of these providers apply. The website provider has no direct control over the content of the cookies created by these plugins.

Other services that may create cookies on your computer are occasionally tested. In this case, the corresponding usage will be listed here.

How to Change Your Cookie Settings

Configuring your internet browser is free and an effective way to manage cookies. You have the following options:

  • Allow the use of all cookies embedded in the pages and content you visit. Note: These cookies can only be read by their issuer. This process is not final. You can deactivate these cookies at any time later (cookie management depends on your internet browser; see the corresponding instructions).
  • Block the use of cookies on your device. In this case, navigation may be impaired. Certain functions require cookies (for example, your operating system may not be recognized, or the expected language may not be displayed). The website operator assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience due to potential malfunctions of the services if required cookies are not available.
  • Set your browser to ask for your consent before installing a new cookie on your device.

The way cookies are managed depends on your browser. For more instructions on how to use:

  • Internet Explorer™
  • Chrome™
  • Safari™
  • Firefox™
  • Opera™

Server Log Files

For technical reasons, the following information is transmitted by your internet browser to us or our webspace provider:

  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system used
  • Website from which you are visiting us (referrer URL)
  • Website you are visiting
  • Date and time of your access
  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address

This anonymous data is stored separately from any personal data you provide, making it impossible to link to a particular person. It is evaluated for statistical purposes to optimize our website and our offerings.


On our website, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter. For this, we need your email address and your declaration that you agree to receive the newsletter.

Once you have subscribed to the newsletter, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to confirm your subscription.

You can cancel the subscription to the newsletter at any time. Please send your cancellation to the following email address: [email protected]. We will then immediately delete your data in connection with the newsletter dispatch.