Ölmassagen frei vom Stress mit der ayurvedischen Abhyanga
Ölmassagen frei vom Stress mit der ayurvedischen Abhyanga

Oil Massages:

Stress-relief with Ayurvedic Abhyanga

Stilling the mind, reviving the spirits and releasing blockages – that’s what massages are all about. Our Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatment is one of the mainstays of every programme at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira as it releases tension and brings balance to both body and mind.

Ayurveda Ölmassagen Massageöle

The Benefits of Ayurvedic Oil Massages

In Ayurveda, a wide range of oil massages is used to enhance overall wellbeing and prevent illness. The Sanskrit name for this type of treatment, Abhyanga, means ‘oil’, ‘anointing’ or simply ‘massage’. The oil massage is a widely applied Ayurvedic treatment in the west.

Oil massages follow Ayurveda’s holistic approach. The effects of administering different natural, plant-based oils into the skin are threefold:

Strengthens joints, relaxes muscles, invigorates skin and tendons, improves circulation, and calms the whole body.

Brings about deep relaxation and a sense of balance and security, increases wellbeing, and breaks down spiritual obstructions as well as those of a physical nature.

The oils’ active ingredients are drawn into the bloodstream. This detoxifies the skin before the blood transports the active ingredients to where they are needed.

Like many Ayurvedic treatments, the primary aim is to balance the Doshas, resolving imbalances that might cause illness. Plus, dry skin becomes silky smooth and soft as the oil works its magic.

The generous quantities of oil used during an Abhyanga massage prevent friction and skin irritation, so Abhyanga is ideal for people with sensitive skin. The skin is deeply moisturised to encourage lasting hydration, and the body benefits from the heat radiating from the therapist’s hands as well as the oil itself.

Ayurveda Ölmassagen Massageöle


Abhyanga is a classic Ayurvedic full-body oil massage, which focuses on stimulating reflex zones in the head, face and feet.

Traditionally, the warm oil massage is performed by two therapists working together, and that’s what we offer at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira: a 60 to 90-minute pampering treatment with precious essential oils to relax the muscles and strengthen the joints.

Your personal constitutional type determines the massage pressure and techniques used.

  • Vata – slow, calm, fluid movements with gentle pressure balance Vata agitation.

  • Pitta – steady movements at moderate speed and pressure promote relaxation and shift the focus to within.

  • Kapha – a quick and steady massage with deep pressure releases Kapha and gives the whole organism a boost.

At the end of an oil massage, the therapist uses a fine, natural powder to absorb excess oil and dry the body.

Nourishing Ayurvedic Massage Oils

During Ayurvedic oil massages, our therapists use only nourishing natural oils tailored to your personal constitution. Depending on your specific issues and Dosha imbalance, Ayurvedic massage oils can differ in type, consistency and temperature.

We use essential oils as well as herb-infused oils. Their valuable ingredients are absorbed through the skin into the body where they work their healing wonders. Popular base oils include sesame, mustard seed, coconut and castor.

At the Ayurveda Resort Mandira, we use our own oil formulations to ensure treatments are 100% tailored to your needs.

Ayurvedische Ölmassagen

Offers with Oil Massages

A Wide Range of Oil Massages for Head-to-Toe Relaxation

To achieve optimal results, it is important to use the right massage technique for the focus area, be it the skin, joints, muscles or nerves. This allows the therapist to reach all of the body’s energy points and to pay particular attention to individual problem areas.

  • Abhyanga with two therapists: The classic Ayurvedic full-body oil massage. Two therapists work together to enhance your wellbeing.

  • Mukabhyanga: This variation of Abhyanga concentrates on the head and face. The therapist can stimulate reflex zones (especially those in the ears) to address specific problems.

  • Padabhyanga: The feet abound in major energy flow points. A treatment focused in this area calms and strengthens the nervous system.

  • Udarabhyanga: In this treatment, oil is applied to the abdomen to strengthen and balance deep organs and improve digestion.

  • Upanahasveda: This treatment is especially recommended for blockages and tension in the back. It strengthens the intervertebral discs, spine, shoulders and neck, as well as the joints and muscles.

Flowing oil treatments, Shirodhara and Pizzichilli are complementary Ayurvedic treatments to Abhyanga. Oil is continuously poured over the relevant body part before being massaged in. This is a blissful start to your Abhyanga treatment, as well as a boost to the immune system and to the detoxification process.

Relax during your stay at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira with a bespoke oil massage – a central and beneficial mainstay of every holistic Ayurvedic treatment programme.