Detox programmes at the Ayurveda Resort MandiraDetox programmes at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira

Detox programmes

at the European Ayurveda Resort Mandira

Shed physical and emotional weight as you start your new, lighter life with a detox programme at our Ayurveda hotel. With relaxing massages and special nutrition, our detox programmes promote cleansing, inside and out.

Let go and recharge

There never seems to be enough time to look after our bodies: Our eating habits are unhealthy, we sleep too little and drink too much, and pollutants in our environment add to the harm. As a result, our bodies have to work too hard, eventually losing the ability to eliminate toxins effectively. What we need is a cleansing detox programme to flush out harmful toxins and reset the metabolism.

Gentle and holistic: Detoxing the Ayurvedic way

In Ayurveda, biochemical toxins are referred to as Ama. An accumulation of Ama adversely affects wellbeing, making us tired and sluggish. Ayurvedic medicine offers many ways to eliminate toxins, and an Ayurvedic detox programme may include:

Cleansing treatments

Cleansing treatments such as gentle massages stimulate the lymphatic system and relieve water retention. Oil treatments – such as oil pulling, flowing oil treatments and oil massages – are also an essential component of detoxification, as the fats bind to the toxins and draw them out of the body. Toxins can also be gently eliminated using heat therapy, Ushnodaka therapy (drinking warm water) and nasal rinsing.

A light diet

A special fasting diet supports internal cleansing by relieving strain on the digestive system and strengthening gut function. We use our knowledge of Indian nutritional science and wisdom to create the optimal diet plan for detoxification.

Light exercise

Exercise boosts metabolism and is therefore an integral part of every detox programme. Take a walk in Styria’s hilly countryside or swim a couple of lengths in the healing thermal waters.

Mind detox with Yoga and meditation

Another central aspect of detoxification is letting go of emotional baggage. Daily Yoga sessions and meditation facilitate spiritual cleansing and lead to inner balance and harmonious wellbeing.

Detox at our Ayurveda hotel: Your path to energy and lightness

Detox at our Ayurveda hotel:
Your path to energy and lightness

During a detox programme at our hotel, the Ayurvedic experts create a type-appropriate fasting and treatment programme for each guest, and the team provides individual guidance throughout the cleansing process.

You will see the positive effects of detoxification almost immediately:

  • The metabolism is stimulated.

  • The immune system is stronger.

  • The body’s self-healing powers are activated.

  • You feel fitter and stronger.

  • The complexion improves.

  • You lose weight naturally and safely.

A detox programme at our Ayurveda hotel is the perfect start to your new, balanced life. The programme teaches you positive habits, such as healthy eating and meditation, that you can continue at home.

Detox programmes at the Mandira in Austria
Detox programmes at the Mandira in Austria

Surrounded by verdant hills, thermal springs and a sea of apple blossom, our hotel in southern Austria offers pure relaxation. The ideal spot for a detox programme, the tranquillity of the gently undulating landscape frees the mind and calms the soul.

Whether hiking, cycling or playing a round of golf, you will love the countryside in Styria’s thermal spa region of Bad Waltersdorf. Take a few deep breaths of the fresh Styrian air and relish the vineyard views.

When is a detox programme recommended?

Many of today’s lifestyle diseases are the result of a frenetic and unhealthy way of life. Stress, poor diet and insufficient sleep all put a strain on body and mind. The resulting stress is signalled in a range of different symptoms:

  • Digestive issues

  • Allergies

  • Blemishes

  • Anxiety

  • Immune deficiency

  • Headaches

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Fatigue

All of these conditions can be significantly improved with a detox. Our bodies are equipped with organs, such as the liver, kidneys and skin, that eliminate toxins. However, these are often unable to deal with the build-up of environmental toxins and the negative effects of our modern lifestyles.

A detox programme assists the organs in flushing out toxins, freeing the body of harmful substances and setting its natural healing processes in motion.

Detox with home remedies

After a detox programme at our hotel, we recommend that you do not immediately relapse into your old lifestyle. Our Ayurvedic experts are available to help you with a diet plan and suggest simple ways to support your wellbeing at home.

With a few simple home remedies, you can integrate detoxification into your everyday life. Why not try:

  • A detox tea (for example nettle or dandelion tea)?

  • A relaxing foot bath?

  • Meditation?

  • A simple vegetable soup?

  • A gentle foot massage?

Ayurvedic detox for body and mind

Ayurvedic philosophy addresses all levels of a person’s being, including the mental, emotional and spiritual. Therefore, detoxing in Ayurveda means letting go of burdens – whether they be negative thoughts, stress, toxins or extra pounds.

Ayurveda helps us become one with ourselves and enter a state of balanced harmony. Vital energy increases, you feel stronger and have more energy. Try it! Life is so much lighter without all that baggage!

Detox programmes in Styria, Austria

The detox programmes at our Ayurveda hotel in Austria are holistic, all-round programmes that cleanse from the inside out. Browse our range of detox programmes here.