Lose weight healthily & maintain a healthy weight
Lose weight healthily & maintain a healthy weight

Love Your Body: Healthy Weight Loss and Detox

Lasting Weight Management with Holistic Ayurveda Detox

The huge number of slimming books on the market could surely fill 1,000 libraries, but people with weight issues rarely find solace or solutions within their pages. Most have tales of woe to share about the pitfalls of weight loss programmes. As their frustration grows – usually at the same rate as their weight – so their self-esteem and wellbeing plummet. But overweight people aren’t alone in dealing with these issues. People who are underweight have a similar struggle – and both have to face societal prejudices and standards that have no basis in a healthy reality. When weight is a problem, it’s important to look at psychological and emotional aspects as well as diet and exercise. A holistic approach is therefore the key to success.

4 Milestones

for Healthy & Sustainable Weight Management

Milestone 1

Healthy Weight Starts in the Mind

Fast food and the food industry have led to serious weight issues and eating disorders in our sedentary society, but above all to an array of lifestyle diseases.

The luxury of feeling good in our skin and body seems increasingly unattainable: on one side, we have fast food chains luring us down the road to diabetes, heart attacks etc., on the other, the media (including social media) set standards that are not only unrealistic, but also extremely bad for health.

However, much that is weight related plays out on an emotional level and has little to do with eating or exercise. This is why Holistic Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to weight issues. Achieving change requires us to first identify and then break out of our beliefs, triggers and thought patterns.

Milestone 1: Healthy Weight Starts in the Mind
Milestone 1: Healthy Weight Starts in the Mind
Milestone 2: Set Your Goals and Make a Plan
Milestone 2: Set Your Goals and Make a Plan

Milestone 2:

Set Your Goals and Make a Plan

It is possible to achieve a state of wellbeing that is good for both body and soul without denying yourself and, above all, without the agonies of calorie counting. This, however, requires a mindful approach to yourself and your needs. Holistic Ayurveda practitioners understand the links between key issues and the body’s messages, and make use of them to boost energy, health and performance and to stabilise mood. Holistic Ayurveda teaches you to read your body’s signals, understand them and find an appropriate response.

Holistic Ayurveda is recommended for anyone suffering from:

  • Weight issues.
  • Weight-related health problems.
  • Inactivity.
  • Lack of body acceptance.
  • Emotional stress from being overweight.
  • Stress from internal and external pressure to look a certain way.

Milestone 3

Eat Healthy, Tasty Food

Despite a plethora of theories, the healthiest way to eat appears to be a mystery for many. Indeed, experts – including doctors – have been at loggerheads over the issue for decades. But the answer is relatively simple: it depends on the individual. Some rules always apply and there are indisputable facts, but there is quite a lot of latitude when it comes to a healthy diet, so long as it suits our constitutions and results in health and wellbeing. This is why eating for your Dosha plays a key role in Holistic Ayurveda – not just for healthy weight loss and sustainable weight management, but also for preventive health care.

Milestone 3: Eat Healthy, Tasty Food
Milestone 3: Eat Healthy, Tasty Food
Milestone 4: Joyful, Targeted and Measured Exercise
Milestone 4: Joyful, Targeted and Measured Exercise

Milestone 4

Joyful, Targeted and Measured Exercise

Learned studies repeatedly hit the headlines with a ‘new’ insight we’ve actually known for millennia: human beings need exercise. To be healthy in the long term, body, mind and spirit need to keep moving and remain mobile, ideally outdoors. From ADHD to heart attacks, diabetes to depression – syndromes and symptoms show significant improvements as soon as people get moving. Exercise ticks several boxes simultaneously, making weight management easier, giving health a long-lasting boost, keeping our minds fitter for longer and our emotions in a state of blissful equilibrium.

‘Being slim is part of today’s beauty ideal. However, this ideal has changed enormously over time – and varies geographically, with different beauty standards applying in different societies. Today we know that too much or too little weight is unhealthy, and that’s certainly not something we should ignore. Between the two extremes, there is a broad weight range where we can each find our comfort zone. Because neither the scales nor society should dictate our ideal weight. Weight is as individual as our constitutional type.’
Christina Mauracher

Christina Mauracher

Holistic Ayurveda expert

Objectives of Holistic Ayurveda

Holistic detoxification

Thorough intestinal cleansing and recovery

A healthy, active metabolism

Healthy weight loss

Sustainable, healthy weight management

A boost to self-image and confidence


Discovering the sheer pleasure of exercise

Mindful eating

Enjoying life to the full

A happy balance
A happy balance

A happy balance

A well-balanced diet should provide all the sensations of taste, plenty of nutrients and Dosha balance for wellbeing and satiety.

Four rules to set you on the path to balance
Meet the needs of your body and be aware of every bite. The best way to do this is by removing all distractions, putting down your cutlery while you chew, and chewing each bite thoroughly. This helps you savour every bite, makes less work for your gut, and allows time for your stomach to tell the brain that it is full, thereby preventing overeating.
Ideally, breakfast should be a hot and nutritious meal. Make lunch your main meal, and enjoy something small, light but hot in the evening. Leave a gap of at least four hours between each meal.
Drink boiled water that has cooled down to room or body temperature throughout the day, but not while eating! Drink little or nothing at all during, shortly before and after eating, as drinking dilutes the digestive juices.
Avoid animal protein and raw vegetables in the evening whenever possible, as these put a strain on the digestion.
Lose weight healthily & maintain a healthy weight
Lose weight healthily & maintain a healthy weight
Healing Spirit
Healing Spirit

Self-image, self-perception, self-esteem, and self-love play a huge role in eating disorders and weight problems, so healing these is of vital importance.

Yoga & Meditation
Yoga and Meditation

Body awareness is essential to sustained weight control: knowing when we have eaten enough, accepting and learning to love our bodies are the objectives.

Burnout Recovery & Prevention
Consultation and Treatment

Profound cleansing and detoxification stimulate the metabolism and creates a feeling of lightness.

Ayurvedische Ernährung
Ayurvedic Nutrition

Eating for your Dosha is essential for a functioning metabolism, stable mind and energetic, enjoyable life.

Bewegung & Regeneration
Exercise and Regeneration

Alternating moderate exercise with rest boosts metabolism, safeguards emotional balance, increases calorie consumption and tones the body.

Health Med
Medical Care

Healthy weight loss and lasting weight maintenance benefit from vitamin infusions and medical colon cleansing.