Your hosts at the Ayurveda Hotel Mandira in Styria - AustriaYour hosts at the Ayurveda Hotel Mandira in Styria - Austria

Your hosts at the Ayurveda Hotel in Bad Waltersdorf

Namaste and welcome to the Ayurveda Resort Mandira!

At the Mandira, we welcome our guests with an irresistible and unique mix of Ayurveda and healing thermal waters. We are also delighted that our Holistic Ayurveda concept is now thriving in this wonderful 4-star superior hotel in the Styrian hills of Bad Waltersdorf. Helping you find greater balance, holistic health and an even-keeled lifestyle: that’s what we, as the Ayurveda Resort Mandira’s hosts, strive for!

As a family and as a team, we believe that a good quality of life is predicated on good health. Understanding and caring for our bodies is so important, so we support you along the way to a healthy lifestyle with expertise, plenty of experience and a superb team. Our Holistic Ayurveda concept was developed to maintain and improve health while at the same time identifying the causes of physical ailments to then facilitate treatment by conventional and complementary medical means. Every age and situation in life brings with it certain challenges. We can meet them with mindfulness and by changing our lifestyles in a way that offers us opportunities for growth and that, ultimately, equips us to transform our environment for the better.

Namaste – I bow to you – a symbol of gratitude and respect.
We bow to you and look forward to your visit!

Your hosts,
Christina Mauracher & Andreas Drexler

Christina Mauracher

Pioneer of Holistic Ayurveda

Our Holistic Ayurveda concept is designed to bring balance to body, mind and spirit, which in turn results in a more mindful and happier life in a healthier body. Our universal health philosophy focuses on you as a person and your individual needs. We all need to be balanced and at peace with ourselves to attain optimum health and productive capacity.

‘Ayurveda has been a huge factor in my life. I was privileged to have my mother as a teacher who generously shared her knowledge and vision with me. Ayurvedic health theory conceives of the body as composed of structural and energetic elements, and is a science I studied for many years. Running our first Ayurveda Resort, we learnt so much. Through our healing practice we were able to profoundly examine the effectiveness of our treatments and approaches to nutrition and health. Gradually, Holistic Ayurveda emerged: a concept specially developed to suit a European setting. Based on the roots of the world’s oldest holistic healing method, it embraces other complementary and therapeutic methods as well as conventional medicine.

It is with great joy and gratitude that I can now share everything I have learned about nature’s healing powers and Ayurveda to serve your health and wellbeing. This is what drives me.’

Christina Mauracher, CEO and the mastermind behind Holistic Ayurveda