Your hosts at the Ayurveda Hotel Mandira in Styria - AustriaYour hosts at the Ayurveda Hotel Mandira in Styria - Austria

Your hosts at the Ayurveda Hotel in Bad Waltersdorf

Namaste and welcome to the European Ayurveda Resort Mandira Styria!

At the Mandira, we welcome our guests with an irresistible and unique mix of Ayurveda and healing thermal waters. We are also delighted that our European Ayurveda® concept is now thriving in this wonderful 4-star superior hotel in the Styrian hills of Bad Waltersdorf, giving us new and additional options as we strive to help you find greater balance, holistic health and an even-keeled lifestyle.

We must thank the Paierl family for placing their trust in us. The extraordinary range of the Paierl hotel’s wellness and Ayurvedic services, and its attractive location, were major factors in our decision to acquire their establishment. Based on our eighteen years of passion and expertise, the European Ayurveda Resort Mandira remains faithful to the Paierl’s Ayurvedic path.

The Mauracher family

Pioneers of European Ayurveda

The Maurachers brought the Indian art of Ayurveda to the Tyrolean mountains and, in collaboration with Ayurvedic and conventional medical teams, adapted it to western needs and lifestyles. The result: European Ayurveda®. The Mandira in Styria is the third company in the growing European Ayurveda® family, following in the wake of the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof and the Lindhof European Ayurveda® farm, both in Tyrol.

‘Everyday life in Europe is not like everyday life in India. This is why we have developed new methods and formulations, as well as combining Ayurveda with other healing and therapeutic methods. European Ayurveda® is tailored to suit the needs, constitutions and lifestyle diseases of western society. The Ayurveda hotel Mandira goes one step further and combines European Ayurveda® with healing thermal water.’
Christina Mauracher, CEO

‘We couldn’t have dreamt of a better place for our third European Ayurveda® enterprise: a sublime location set in green and pleasant hill country. The Paierl family established a hugely successful 4-star superior wellness and Ayurveda hotel. Our objective is to continuously develop the hotel along the lines of European Ayurveda® as well as help boost the region and build an international tourism market!’

Johann Mauracher, CEO and owner