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For many this year was marked by a number of upheavals and crises, both personal and social – even for Ayurveda Resort Mandira. Corona caught us all off guard; nobody knew what to expect in the long or short term. Then, we experienced great sadness when our father Johann passed away. It was a great shock and an even greater loss. Upheavals and crises shape our lives, but in every ending, there is also a beginning. And in all beginnings dwells magic.

Change is also a new beginning. We must look ahead; tread new and, above all, our own paths. So, for Ayurveda Resort Mandira, the leave-taking represents an inspiring new start and opportunity to follow our own path – which leads straight to you!

We and our team are embarking on a new Mandira path, at the end of which lies one overarching objective: your wellbeing. In fact, your health and wellbeing form our mission, which is why we have been investing in quality during the coronavirus crisis. From our new restaurants, garden rooms, Lavender Library and Yoga studio to our fresh and Styrian Joie de Vivre full board for foodies and the Mandira Ahara Ayurvedic cuisine: four nutritional stages carefully conceived for our Ayurveda and cleansing programme guests.

We welcome to the team our new physician Dr Zuleger, as well as new treatment programmes, from kinesiology to the new Healing Spirit emotional status quo ESQ programme for inner balance. We look forward to kick-starting a new era of health and wellbeing. Most of all, we are pleased to offer a range of holidays, cuisines, treatments and health programmes in a space that accommodates your every need. Whether it is a short thermal spa wellness break, a cycling holiday, a Panchakarma treatment programme, a burnout prevention package, programmes to tackle the menopause, weight problems or your immune system, your wellbeing is our top priority.

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The Ayurveda Resort Mandira’s six pillars provide a broad base for focusing on your health and holistic wellbeing. The deep physical and spiritual cleansing achieved with our Panchakarma programme releases blockages and restores natural balance. Read more on our range of Panchakarma programmes as well as our new spa physician, Dr Verena Zuleger.
Did you know that there are more than 300 meditation techniques originating from Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, and that meditating makes people more resilient to stress and less sensitive to pain? There’s more to Yoga than just slow stretches, it also prepares the way for meditation with a complex series of exercises. Learn about our combination of kinesiology, Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation for holistic healing and wellbeing.
It’s all too common to compare our lives to others, to suffer from burnout or from lowered immune systems where we are constantly on the go with no time to rest. So we have prepared holistic Ayurveda solutions:

… your weight is just right – Imagine looking in the mirror and feeling content with your whole beautiful self.

… time aplenty and no burnout – Imagine making one day feel like two, and keeping calm throughout.

… training the immune system – Imagine if you knew exactly how to ramp up your energy and vitality. Or you could confidently trust in your inner stability and resilience.

read more in our magazine!

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Read our new magazine and inspire your thoughts to embark on a new era of health and wellbeing. We look forward to welcoming you here at Ayurveda Resort Mandira.

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