Healthy and Light Summer Cuisine

What should we eat when the weather’s hot?

Summer is dominated by the heat element Pitta, which is why we should also adapt our eating habits to the rising outdoor temperatures. In Ayurveda, we know that too much Pitta lowers our digestive power, so a lighter summer cuisine will help our bodies metabolise food better. In spite of the hot temperatures, it’s advisable to eat warm (not too hot) meals and to make more use of foods that lower the body’s Pitta. Foods with sweet, bitter and tart flavours are recommended. Dishes with cucumber, broccoli, courgette, pumpkin, carrot, salads and sweet fruits in particular are easily digestible during the summer months. The body needs light nutrition. Enjoy our Ayurvedic summer cuisine with us!

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Balancing the Dosha Properly

Ayurveda has additional nutritional tips that everyone should try to incorporate into their individual summer cuisine, depending on their predominant Dosha type. For Pitta-dominant people, it’s especially important to avoid eating overly spicy food during the summer months and to only use hot spices in very small amounts. In other words, chill out, but take it easy on the chilli! If you have a lot of the earth Dosha Kapha, you should go for light summer salads. If the air Dosha Vata is dominant, a balanced summer cuisine consisting of sweet, sour and salty foods is recommended in the heat.

‘Eat in moderation and only when you feel hungry. This is particularly important in the summer to avoid putting extra strain on your circulation during the hotter weather.’

Time for some lassi or some tea! Below are some healthy thirst quenchers to help protect against dehydration in the heat.

  • Yoghurt lassi with fresh mint or coconut milk
  • Peppermint tea
  • Pitta tea
  • Pitta milkshake
  • Fresh fruit juices