Singing bowl therapy: Ayurvedic energy healingSinging bowl therapy: Ayurvedic energy healing

Singing bowl therapy:

Ayurvedic energy healing

Ayurvedic singing bowl therapy is a sound therapy treatment that sends vibrations through the body, creating pure bliss for mind, body and soul. During a singing bowl treatment, our therapists produce soothing tones and vibrations using special metal bowls. The objective is to induce deep relaxation, release obstructions, and reharmonise body and mind.

Tibetan singing bowl massage

What is a singing bowl massage? This Ayurvedic treatment method involves placing bowls on the body which are then struck by the therapist to create a deep and powerful sound. Since the bowls are in direct contact with the body, the sensation of the vibrations is intense and highly effective.

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Singing bowl therapy

Healing sounds and meditative texts gently guide you into a world of rest and tranquillity.

Price: €85 for 55 minutes

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A brief history of sound therapy
A brief history of sound therapy

Tibetan singing bowl massage is based on the principles of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which has been using sound therapy for over 5,000 years. Even back then, there was an awareness of the effect of sound on body and mind, and many peoples believed that sound was the source of humanity’s creation.

This distinctive form of Ayurvedic therapy originated in Tibet, the Roof of the World. Monks used the bowls in religious ceremonies in much the same way that we use church bells. They soon realised that the deep and powerful sounds had a profound effect, so singing bowls also started to be used outside the temple for meditation, deep relaxation, and to help find inner peace.

Chakras: energy healing and harmony

According to Ayurvedic teaching on the Chakras, the flow of the body’s seven energy centres is essential for health. The Chakras must be balanced, otherwise the human body is vulnerable to disorders and illnesses. This is where the singing bowl massage comes into its own: when things are off balance – which can happen all too easily in our fast-paced world – the comforting sounds of the bowls can help us to restore balance and experience energy healing.

What happens during a singing bowl massage?
What happens during a singing bowl massage?

Firstly, a bowl is placed at the soles of the feet and gently struck. You can feel the vibration throughout your entire body. Performed while you are fully clothed, additional bowls are placed along the body’s Chakras and struck – the more relaxed you are, the more intensely you perceive the noise. The effect is intense, as it not only relaxes the muscles, but it also awakens mind, body and soul as our entire being reacts to the sounds.

Every cell in the body vibrates and the effect is deeply relaxing. This often manifests itself in a pleasant feeling of warmth flooding the body. If the body is relaxed, the mind can relax too. One effect leads to another: it also activates the body’s self-healing powers and balances disharmony.

Uses of singing bowl massage
Uses of singing bowl massage

The sounds of this ancient Tibetan treatment primarily promote deep relaxation, so it is especially suitable for people who struggle to relax and as a result exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Muscle tension.

  • Stomach pain.

  • Headaches or migraines.

  • Joint pain.

  • Circulation problems.

According to the Ayurvedic teachings, the serene sounds of the singing bowls have a positive effect on both the body and mind. The holistic approach of Tibetan medicine also incorporates the mind and soul, and so it is no surprise that singing bowl massage is more than just a physical experience. This type of energy healing is a component of Ayurveda, which forms the medical basis for this Tibetan massage. The treatment also has a positive effect on:

  • Emotional blocks.

  • Sleep disorders.

  • Digestive problems.

  • Emotional pain.

  • Anxiety.

Is singing bowl massage suitable for children? Children are particularly sensitive to voices and sounds, and can therefore feel the positive effects of sound therapy very intensely. In particular, sound therapy can be used to enhance concentration, perception and creativity.

Are there any side effects?

In the vast majority of cases, singing bowl massage only has positive effects. It is important that your therapists are properly trained in singing bowl massage. Human beings are sensitive and react instantly to their surroundings. If body and mind are out of balance with their environment, there can be negative consequences.

The therapists at the European Ayurveda Resorts are experts in Ayurveda, and are specialists in dealing with the requirements and health problems of western society. You can therefore confidently approach us if you have any questions about singing bowl massage. Just send us a message using our contact form.