Deal with the heat

Beat the heat with Ayurveda this summer

Do you tend to suffer from the heat, especially when it is intense, prolonged and humid, with thunderstorms and temperature fluctuations? You are not alone. The hot season puts a strain on body, mind and spirit. This is when many people feel sluggish, lose focus, and start to feel below par. The ancient teachings of Ayurveda help us deal with the heat so we can enjoy every aspect of summer.

‘If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.’ – Amit Ray

Deal with the heat and transform summer with Holistic Ayurveda

Be energised and happy in the summer heat

  • How to make sure you sail though summer heat and temperature fluctuations.
  • How to draw on the sun’s power to optimise your health despite the heat.
  • How to look after your digestion, and why this is so important in summer.
  • How to outmanoeuvre the unbearable heat of summer with Ayurvedic nutrition.
  • How to exercise in the heat and still maintain high levels of energy and vitality.

Hot tips for summer

Pack your bags, pitch your tent and recharge your batteries. The principles of Holistic Ayurveda are all the kit you will need: the path is true, you are ready to be nourished, and the adventure can begin. Make the best use of the Mandira’s expert tips and recipes to deal with the heat and create an ideal summer cocktail of equilibrium and zest.

The rays of the morning and evening sun are particularly nourishing, so enjoy the pleasant warmth and fresher air. These are the perfect times of day for Pranayama, stretching and enjoying a walk, which don’t only promote mental and physical health, but also strengthen the immune system. A morning swim outdoors cools the system for the day ahead, but avoid going out during the hottest hours, especially at lunchtime. Sunbathing for long periods with heavy layers of sunscreen are also considered inadvisable.

In summer your diet should be even more alkaline than usual, and hot, Pitta-dominant people need to be particularly careful in this regard. For an optimal alkaline diet choose wholegrain products, vegetables, root vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, cold-pressed oils such as olive oil, butter, and ghee. They are all perfect for a balanced summertime meal. Watermelons, pineapples, cucumbers and leaf salads are also very cooling, as are edible wild plants, which contain bitter compounds.

During the summer, drink pure spring water (boiled and cooled to room temperature), lemon juice and cool teas made with mint, lemon balm, mallow, etc. Ice-cold drinks and foods weaken the digestion, which is already under a lot of strain in summer. Lassi, a yoghurt drink with added sugar, fruit or salt is also unsuitable in the summer because it acidifies the body. Diluted buttermilk, seasoned with a little Himalayan rock salt, black pepper and herbs such as finely chopped mint or coriander makes a wonderful hot-weather drink. It is cooling, refreshing and helps digestion.

Benefit from the power of herbs: St. John’s wort and hops cool from within, and elderflower, yarrow, lady’s mantle, lavender, mint, and lemon balm are just as helpful. Classic Ayurvedic herbs for summer include Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Kumari, Shallaki and Shatavari.

Hot heat tip: Steep some wild thyme in pure cider vinegar for two weeks, then  remove the thyme. Dilute a tablespoon with half a litre of water, and sip throughout the day as required. A cooling and deacidifying drink.

We are energetic beings living in an ocean of universal energy, and our spirits thrive in cool and airy spaces. When our energy flows in tune with universal energy, we feel physically and emotionally well. Yoga and meditation facilitate this harmony, and help us cope better with the heat and summer’s temperature fluctuations. Exercising in summer should be pressure-free and filled with fun, vitality and ease.

The clothes you wear in summer should be made of light and natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk because natural fibres allow the air to reach the skin while also protecting it against harm. When the sun is really intense, make sure most of your skin is covered by clothing. You should also cover your head and, if necessary, wrap a cool, damp cloth around it – it feels great and looks pretty good too.

  • Opt for water rather than other drinks, as it is the most deacidifying.
  • Make sure at least 80% of your food intake is alkaline.
  • Enjoy relaxing and exercising.
  • Relax and practise meditation and Yoga for ‘mental deacidification’.
  • Indulge in blissful alkaline baths and body care products.
  • Alkalising fasts and deacidifying treatments are highly recommended.
  • Summer barbecues: Avoid industrially produced sausages. Use top quality meat, but in moderation. In the evenings, avoid raw fruit and salads, and opt instead for salads made with cooked vegetables. Make your own sauces – they are much easier to digest than shop-bought varieties.