Healthy Sleep & Ayurveda

Get into the Rhythm

The true value of sleep is something we tend to overlook – until there’s a problem such as having a hard time falling or staying asleep. The result is that horrible lethargy that accompanies us throughout the following day.

Sleep is hugely important in Holistic Ayurveda. After a night of restful sleep, we feel balanced, calm and energetic, and our metabolism works better too. If we live by the principles of Ayurveda, everything we do is guided by nature – by our biorhythm: we’re active during the day, and when the sun goes down, we rest.

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Phases of Sleep: What’s Going on in our Body?

  • 10pm: Melatonin is released into the bloodstream

  • 10pm – 2am: Deep sleep
    The beginning of a complex process. Blood absorbs the nutrients from digested food and transports them to the liver. From there, a control function takes over and carries them on to the heart. The heart then uses the circulatory system to distribute the nutrients to tissues which metabolise them and convert them into energy when needed.

  • 2am – 6am: Alphas sleep
    The time of dreams when the mind is cleansed. This is when the day’s events and impressions are processed.

Good to Know

Melatonin = sleep hormone released in the body in response to darkness. It ensures restful sleep.

Deep sleep = brainwave frequency, body temperature, breathing rate and blood pressure all drop while the body metabolises.

Tips for Restful Sleep
  • Plenty of exercise in the fresh air

  • Don’t sleep during the day
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants before bedtime

  • Avoid heavy meals and don’t eat too late in the evening

  • Avoid taking in too much liquid after 6pm

  • Relax and release: free your mind of worries, stress and troubling thoughts

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf Gesunder Schlaf
Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf Gesunder Schlaf
Great Sleep at the Mandira

We have placed a ZES Bodyguard Recovery Pad under your mattress to provide protection from low-energy electrosmog components while you sleep. The ZES pad neutralises biologically relevant interference fields with its patented, scientifically tested technology.

Deep, undisturbed and restful sleep:
  • Deep, undisturbed and restful sleep:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Stimulates self-healing
  • Improves sleep issues
  • Supports physical and emotional renewal
  • Re-energises
Sleep FAQs Answered By Christina Mauracher

Everyone is different, so it can vary quite significantly. The need for sleep depends on a host of factors including genes, age, routine and health.

It‘s not about how much. If you wake up feeling restored and refreshed and don’t feel tired during the day, you’re sleeping well.

Yes. Chronically disturbed sleep patterns affect health, performance at work and your social life.

The easiest way is to follow Ayurvedic principles, i.e. by allowing your daily routine to be governed by nature.

The first thing is to become aware of them. Only then can you actively intervene and change behaviours with the help of relaxation, Yoga, meditation and by doing the kind of things that are good for you: going for a walk, reading a book, etc.