Frequency Medicine as Therapy

Regulating the Body’s Frequencies

Do you feel drained? Burnt out? Anxious or depressed? Are you yearning for more energy and drive? What we perceive as energy is based on the vibration of our cellular frequencies. Our every cell, organ and microorganism is a resonant body that generates vibrations at specific frequencies, thereby creating a vital field. The body’s cells pass on impulses via these frequencies and communicate with one another via their vital fields. Frequency medicine allows us to make therapeutic use of this phenomenon.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf - Frequency Medicine as Therapy

Holistic Health with Frequency Medicine

Stressors such as toxins, pesticides, electrosmog, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and stress – of course – damage our cells, impairing their energetic vibration. When the cells’ frequencies are disturbed, they cannot communicate smoothly. Frequency medicine allows us to provide gentle, non-invasive and non-chemical vital field analysis and regulation.

Based on scientific research in quantum physics and frequency medicine, vital field technology by Global Diagnostics is revolutionary.

Vital field therapy harmonises and supports intracellular communication by regulating frequencies.

  • Stimulates cellular metabolism and detoxification

  • Regenerates and revitalises cell function

  • Stimulates self-healing

  • Inhibits inflammatory processes

  • Regenerates the digestive tract

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Supports pain therapy

  • Assists stress management


In just 12 minutes, we measure 200 million data points to identify stressors and their locations in the body. This makes it possible to eliminate interference fields and take preventive measures even before the onset of an illness.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf - Frequency medicine
Frequency Medicine

A healthy organism consists of electromagnetic fields and impulse structures, oscillating in certain rhythms. When we fall ill, deviations in the electromagnetic activity can be detected. Using frequency medicine, the degree of deviation can be measured and gently influenced, thus restoring the optimal vital field.