How to Live a Holistic Ayurveda Lifestyle

Holistic Ayurveda During a Stressful Working Day

Christina Mauracher is the mastermind behind Holistic Ayurveda, CEO of the Ayurveda Resort Mandira and a mother of two.

Unsurprisingly, she experiences high levels of stress. But she draws strength both from her family’s love and, of course, Holistic Ayurveda. Here Christina talks us through a typical day and explains how it works.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf

Good Morning!

It’s been a good night – my little one only woke three times, so I’ve had a reasonable amount of sleep. We don’t need alarm clocks in this house. Every morning, at 6am on the dot, I hear the same thing: ‘Mum get up, geeettt uuuppp, now!’

Starting the Day

Our day has begun. With two small children, morning meditation is out of the question – there’s a constant refrain of ‘Mum come here, Mum I need you …’ Despite the bedlam, I need to incorporate a little Ayurveda into my morning routine. I drink boiled water first thing, taking sips between making porridge and putting on socks. I also clean my tongue to get biofeedback on the state of my health. I get ready and make sure the kids are presentable too. My husband only has himself to deal with … and yet, the four of us are usually ready at the same time.

Most Important: Breakfast Time!

Then it’s time for breakfast, for me the most important meal of the day. I definitely subscribe to ‘breakfasting like a king’. There’s a reason why so many cultures agree with this idea! I need something to get my teeth into, so I have a wholegrain bread roll. And maybe even some cheese. How do I align that with Ayurveda? Simple: I toast the bread to incorporate the element of fire. I add a little horseradish to the cheese so that the sharpness alleviates mucus production.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf
Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf

Let’s Work!

Then it’s time for work, which is always varied and invariably challenging. Although it’s rarely easy to juggle work and family life, I’m extremely lucky in that my work is my passion. Obviously I too have bad days, but I couldn‘t do without my work, just as I couldn’t do without my children. I have a vision and a mission – and these give me the purpose and strength to look ahead, even when times are tough. Resilience is hugely important, and these are some of the things that never fail to give me a boost:

  • Knowing that my work has meaning
  • Holding my colleagues and guests in high regard
  • A positive environment
  • Remaining flexible and open to new ideas
  • Constant learning – both in my social and professional lives
Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf
My Source of Strength

My husband is another crucial source of support. I know that I can always rely on him, even in times of stress. But what’s most important is knowing that I can rely on myself – the outside world can only provide a certain amount of strength and energy. The greatest source of all lies within us. The following routines and tips help me to continuously nourish my inner power source:

I know my constitution. So I know, for example, that warm food and regular meals are important for me. I always have a good breakfast, eat at midday and take my time over my food.

Family Time From 4:30pm

Yoga, exercise, meditation … I remember the days when I practised Yoga every morning, and then meditated and exercised in the afternoons.

At first I felt bad because I didn’t have time for all that once the children came along. I was supposed to be living according to Ayurvedic principles! But it isn’t that simple when you have two small children and run your own business. At that time, sleep seemed more important, so I discussed my concerns with my mentor. He told me very clearly that there’s a time for everything. In certain phases of our lives, we have to adjust our routines and resources. It’s totally fine to focus all your attention on your children instead of meditating. The time will come when you can integrate your previous routines back into your everyday life – or create whole new routines. You just have to make sure you don’t lose sight of your own needs …

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf
Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf
Serenity & Phases of Life

This is why I have introduced a new evening routine into the current phase of my life: I treat myself to a bath (my way of meditating), have a proper conversation with my husband, and sometimes I fall asleep with one of the kids at 8pm …
Stay true to yourself!

Namasté, Christina Mauracher