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There are so many reasons why embarking on a detox treatment programme is a good idea. The ancient teachings of Ayurveda place the centre of health in the gastrointestinal tract. This is a point of view that has been confirmed by conventional medicine, which now refers to the intestine as the ‘second brain’. Added to this, our emotional centre and the majority of our immune system are also located in the abdomen. It is definitely worthwhile, therefore, to support the body by eliminating harmful substances and toxins with the help of a personalised diet and a detox treatment programme.

Detox Treatment Programmes for Lightness & Vitality

What is a Detox?

There are many reasons why toxins accumulate in our body – poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, nicotine, stress or environmental pollutants. The right diet, combined with a range of treatments, releases and eliminates accumulated toxins.

Signs You Need a Detox Treatment

Our chief detoxification organs – the liver and kidneys – are usually very reliable, barely leaving any toxins behind in the body. However, many of us go through phases when toxin levels get out of hand, thereby placing a strain on the body. This can happen when we experience increased stress levels, are under pressure to perform, or medical issues affect the liver and/or kidneys. Consequences, i.e. the signs that tell you a detox might be in order, include fatigue, blemishes, lifeless hair, weight gain, headaches and insomnia.

As a rule, anyone can benefit from cleansing their system. A detox treatment programme provides the detoxification organs with gentle support, giving the body an opportunity to regain metabolic balance. In just a few days, you start to feel the positive effects and your body awareness improves significantly.


Panchakarma is considered the queen of Ayurvedic healing techniques. Since Ayurvedic health teachings stipulate that all illness arises from harmful substances in our bodies, regular and thorough detoxification is encouraged.

The treatment programme follows several steps and the effects are gentle and long-lasting. Yoga, meditation and a special diet are mainstays, allowing body, mind and spirit to find their way back to balance.

Ghee –
Curative and Purifying

The pretreatment for Panchakarma involves the ingestion of warm ghee. Ghee is held in very high regard by Ayurvedic practitioners, as this special clarified butter is full of healthful fatty acids. The separation of proteins and lactose in ghee makes it more digestible and increases the digestive fire, meaning more waste products can be eliminated.

Ghee – Curative and Purifying
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