Thermal Waters and Holistic Ayurveda

Beneficial and Versatile

Even the ancient Romans knew: Bathing in warm thermal water prevents mental and physical illnesses! The thermal bath hype that was triggered in the Roman Empire has continued to this day. The healing and preventive effect on people is undisputed, thanks to scientific studies. We had our Bad Waltersdorf thermal water examined closely, and the scientific study concluded that our thermal water meets all the criteria to be recognised as so-called medicinal water. Even the smallest amounts of spring water have a scientifically proven healing effect.

TThermal Waters and Holistic Ayurveda
How to Bathe in Thermal Water
The water temperature is important. The healing effect is greatest at between 27 and 36°C.
Like heat treatments using mud or fango, the warmth stimulates the circulation and gets the body ready to absorb the water’s beneficial contents.
Studies confirm that after just 25 minutes in thermal water, the cortisol content in saliva drops significantly. This result is comparable to the effect of progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), which was developed by Edmund Jacobson, an American physician. He established the scientific link between muscle tension and mental state.
Ideally, 20 minutes followed by half an hour’s rest. Although you can’t overdose on the minerals, the body can’t make use of more than you can get in that time – and it would be unnecessarily tiring to extend the bath beyond 20 minutes. The body needs to rest in order to make best use of the water’s beneficial contents.


What’s the difference?
  • Thermal water = must have a minimum temperature of 20°C at source

  • Curative water = even small amounts of spring water have a scientifically demonstrable healing effect
  • Sole water = high salt concentration of natural origin – up to 6%

Bad Waltersdorf’s thermal waters are officially recognised as curative.


The use of thermal springs for therapeutic purposes was known to the Romans.

Back in around 400 AD, there were 11 public thermal baths and over 850 private baths in Rome alone.

Spas were all the rage during the Roman Empire.



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