Organic Wine and Ayurveda

Indian Culture Meets Styrian Vitality

A healthy lifestyle is today considered integral to a balanced, well-lived life. Indeed, people who pay attention to their diet experience improved general wellbeing and immune systems. Although we wouldn’t normally associate alcohol with nutritional recommendations, wine has been the exception since time immemorial. And rightly so!

The grapevine is one of the oldest cultivated plants. The Vedic (from veda = knowledge, divine revelation) civilisations, which drew their knowledge from ancient Sanskrit writings, were masters of viniculture and winemaking. Draksha (grape) is cultivated in India to make the Ayurvedic tonic Drakshava.

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The Ayurvedic name for grape is Draksha Phalottama – which means that the grape is ‘the best and most healing of all fruits’. Ancient Ayurvedic texts describe Draksha as a natural coolant and remedy for various health problems. Grapes are said to cool and soothe Pitta’s Subdoshas: Sadhaka Pitta, Pachaka Pitta and Ranjaka Pitta.

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As well as being balsam for the soul, the gentle Styrian hill country with its mild, Mediterranean climate also offers excellent conditions for top quality wine cultivation. Following the general trend towards greater sustainability, Styria’s organic winemakers never use artificial fertilisers and pesticides, preferring to work in harmony with nature.

More and more vineyards along the South Styrian Wine Route are being cultivated by environmentally friendly, organic winemakers who meet the challenge of protecting the planet by providing us with regional, organic and natural products. The Ayurveda Resort Mandira’s purchasing policy is strongly skewed towards organic produce and most of our wines are organically or sustainably made.

Top 3 Styrian organic wine varieties (according to your host, Andreas Drexel):
  • Styria’s most widely grown wine variety is Welschriesling, a popular white with a bouquet reminiscent of green apples.

  • If full-bodied wine is what you seek, you would be well advised to try a Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc). Thanks to our calcareous soils this wine offers a delicious touch of refined minerality.

  • The flavours of Chardonnay vary depending on terroir and vinification methods. Like Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), it is a wine that gains in intensity and individuality the longer it matures.

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  • Weingut Winkler-Hermaden (Kapfenstein): Sauvignon Blanc ‘Kirchleiten’ 2017
  • Weingut Neumeister (Straden): Grauburgunder ‘Saziani’ 2017
  • Weingut Lackner – Tinnacher (Gamlitz): Weißburgunder ‘Steinbach’ 2019
  • Weingut Muster (Gamlitz): Morillon ‘Grubthal’ 2017