Holistically Healthy Skin

Tailor-Made for You

Everyone is different. As well as being reflected in our character and body shape, this truth is visible in our skin. That is why it is so important to arrive at personalised skincare and skin health solutions.

The Méthode Physiodermie skincare line provides us with a system that we can tailor to your precise needs. Decades of research and development have resulted in products designed to solve specific skin problems, including a range of serums to suit individual requirements. This allows us to combine your serums and treatments to suit your particular Dosha for an optimised, type-appropriate spectrum of skincare – as individual as you are.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf

Cellular Level Detox

Our holistic approach enables us to identify the causes of individual skin anomalies and restore balance. Detoxification prepares the skin for the subsequent application of serums and treatments. The Méthode Physiodermie process is based on Asian and European therapeutic massage techniques.

Personalised Serums

Active ingredients are personalised by mixing or layering. Depending on your type and skin needs, they can also be applied neat.

Unique Technologies

Unique MEIMA and biometric E3C technologies allow us to feed highly concentrated, typologised serums into the skin’s layers where they are able to develop maximum effect.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf Hautgesundheit & Anti Aging
Your Path to Healthy and Beautiful Skin
  • Brightening – Stabilising

  • Mattifying – Hydrating

  • Nourishing – Cleansing

  • Revitalising – Firming

Cosmetics by Nature
  • Laboratoire Syntil: Developing innovative plant-based beauty products in their own laboratory since 1974.

  • Certified organic natural cosmetics: 100% free from animal ingredients.

  • Compliance with Switzerland’s stringent quality criteria.

  • Recyclable and sustainable packaging: glass instead of plastic.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf Hautgesundheit & Anti Aging
Ayurveda Resort Mandira Bad Waltersdorf Hautgesundheit & Anti Aging
Healthy Skin for Men

When Time is of the Essence!

A strong and dynamic appearance has to be built on energy and vitality – and good skin needs a healthy cell metabolism. These foundations are provided by Chrono Homme, Physiodermie’s skincare line for men: an express pit stop with long-lasting effects!